3 Strategies For Selling a Home With Pets

How To Sell a Home With PetsHere in Canada, many households have a furry, scaly, or feathery critter living as part of the family. In fact, 38% of homes have at least one cat, while 35% have at least one dog. While Canada clearly loves its pets, many real estate advice blogs say that selling a home with pets is extremely difficult, and some even go as far as to say that homeowners need to get rid of their pets entirely if they want any chance at selling a home. However, this is just untrue. While selling a home with pets can be a bit more difficult, it definitely isn’t impossible. Here are some of the different strategies homeowners can use when selling their home that don’t resort to taking Fluffy to the pound.

1. Repair Damage Caused By Pets

It’s nearly impossible to own a pet that hasn’t left some sort of mark on its home. Whether it’s a stain on the carpet from an accident or scratch marks on the door, homeowners should take note of things buyers may be turned off by. Other things to look for include:

  • Scratch marks on wood floors
  • Drool and nose marks on windows
  • Dirt marks on walls and corners
  • Dead grass outside
  • Food stains near bowls
  • Fur on carpets and furniture

While some of these might not seem like a big deal, many little things add up, and buyers don’t want to buy a home only to have to fix all these problems immediately. Taking care of these problems before selling can be a great way to give buyers confidence in the home and show them that the seller cares about it.

2. Remove Pets From the Home During Showings

It’s a fact of life that not everyone is going to share the same opinions, and that extends to feelings regarding pets. Some people love them, and others would prefer not to see them. When preparing for showings, try to arrange to have pets away from the home by taking them to a trusted friend or neighbor’s home for a bit or by checking them into a kennel. Removing pets from the home will help both guests and the pets have a good experience during showings. This way people who aren’t comfortable around animals won’t have to see them, and pets who are anxious or may try to escape the home while people are coming and going won’t be able to.

3. Hide Pets’ Things

For some people, even knowing that a Waterways home has had a pet living in it can turn them off, even if it seems to be in perfect condition. To appease these types of people, try hiding pet pet’s toys, bowls, beds, and so on. They can be placed inside closets or cupboards, or even out in the garage while the showings take place, and they can be brought back out as soon as the guests are gone. Doing this can also help declutter the home so buyers don’t get distracted thinking about what kind of dog the homeowner has instead of thinking about the age of the roof and when it will need to be replaced.

These three strategies can be a great way to get a home into shape for home showings and help it find a buyer despite its four-legged residents. For more advice for ways to hide a pet’s presence during the selling period, don’t be afraid to consult a real estate agent for tips and tricks.

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