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Trends in Sustainable Residential Construction Technology

How Green Technology Is Changing the Future of HomebuildingThe green movement has been a major trend in construction technology, if only because green energy translates to major savings on a utility bill. And while environmentalists may wish more progress was being made, Canada has been comparatively proactive when it comes to implementing sustainable solutions. Anyone interested in the residential real estate market should take note of how homes are being affected by the movement, and what it will likely mean for the average buyer in the coming decades.

Heating and Cooling

In a country that sees its fair share of clouds, developers are exploring how geothermal heating and cooling can be a sustainable answer. This system uses pumps and a water solution to draw heat from about 30 meters below the surface of the Earth. (The temperature below is always 15° C, no matter how hot or cold it is above.)

With the help of a water solution and some electricity, homeowners can power their air treatment without decimating oil or gas reserves. The energy used for geothermal heating and cooling is minimal compared to that of traditional systems and the utility savings can offset the high costs of installation.

Geothermal heating may have grabbed a few headlines as of late, but this isn't to say that solar panels have been dismissed. The improvements made to solar panels over the years have been drastic, allowing homeowners to extract more energy from less sunlight. Plus, ...

Your Guide to Home Insulation

How to Choose Insulation for the HomeHome insulation has a lot to do with how much a homeowner pays each month for their energy, yet it's a big enough job that many homeowners ignore it until their utility bills double in cost - or when they begin to consider placing the home on the market. For those still on the fence, consider the fact that new insulation is one of the better renovation projects for those who want to increase their resale value (going as high as 107.7% ROI). Learn more about what it takes to choose insulation without endangering the home.

Push and Pull

There are two key considerations when it comes to picking out insulation for the home. Owners have to consider how the insulation will function in extreme temperatures, but they also need to be aware of how insulation will impact the overall ventilation of the home. If air can't flow, it can pose a fire hazard for the entire structure.

Start with an Audit

An energy audit serves a few purposes for homeowners looking to upgrade insulation. It shows the homeowner exactly where they're losing air, and why the airflow may have changed over the years. It's common for homeowners of relatively modern homes to assume that their insulation is sufficient, but this isn't always the case. New, flipped, and renovated homes are all susceptible to poor insulation, and an energy audit can show a homeowner exactly how to slash their bills in half.

Grades of Insulation

All insulation in Canada is ...