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4 Reason You Should Get a Home Warranty?

Why You Should Get a Home WarrantyA home warranty can help protect a home and its appliances when they break by letting homeowners get them fixed with less fuss than it would take without one. However, whether home warranties are “worth it” is a debated topic with an answer that will change for every homeowner. Because of this, many homeowners are left wondering if they should get one. For those who are on the fence, here are four reasons new home buyers should consider investing in a home warranty.

1. The Home is For Sale

The first reason to get a warranty may seem unusual because at first glance it appears backwards. Why would anyone buy a home warranty for a home that won’t even be theirs? Home warranties can actually be extremely useful for sellers who want to give their home a small edge while it’s on the market. One of the reasons homeowners buy a home warranty is to attract buyers, but not only that, having the warranty has a chance of the home selling faster and for more money. Having a year-long warranty can potentially help the home sell 16% faster, and for up to 1% more money. If the homeowner does get a higher offer for having the warranty, it means it will oftentimes pay for itself.

2. The Home is Old

Typically, an older home will have older appliances to go with it. Older appliances tend to break more often than new ones due to normal wear...

Should You DIY? Important Considerations When Renovating

How to Know When to DIY or Hire a ContractorWho doesn't enjoy a feeling of satisfaction after perform a home improvement or renovation project successfully? Many Canadian homeowners also appreciate saving money on projects when completing it themselves. However, not all home improvements are easy to complete and may become challenging when unexpected issues arrive to complicate the situation or the skillset involved goes beyond that of the DIY homeowner.

Explore when it is better to take on a home renovation project oneself and when to reach out to a licensed contractor.

Familiarity with the Skills Required

Fixing a leaking sink can be relatively straightforward and homeowners may want to tackle simple repairs and home improvement projects themselves. Individuals without experience performing the work involved may want to do more than view videos online. Talking to professional contractors or those who have repeatedly completed such tasks can help one understand which issues may arise and ascertain if the project should be done by a professional.

Length of Time to Complete

In the abstract, family members or other occupants may be fully onboard with a specific project. However, if there are significant delays, they may not be as supportive. Most home improvement projects do require some level of adjustment by occupants during the process, as such projects can interfere with the traffic flow in the home and make it more difficult to perform routine...

4 Tips For Selling Your Fixer-Upper Home

4 Tips For Selling Your Fixer-Upper HomeSelling any type of home can be difficult, but homeowners with a fixer-upper home may feel like it’s impossible. Fortunately, this isn’t true. Fixer-upper homes may require a little extra love when selling, but if a homeowner knows what they’re doing, they should be able to find a proper buyer. Here are some of the most important tips homeowners need to know when selling their fixer-upper home to give it as many advantages as possible.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

1. Lower the Home’s Price

Fixer-upper homes require extra money in order to actually fix them up that is unnecessary when buying a move-in ready home. Because of this, buyers expect that the price of the home will be lower in order to compensate. After all, there are very few buyers out there who would even consider purchasing a fixer-upper home for a price that could get them a move-in ready home down the street. In order to set the right price, be sure to consult a real estate agent who can help select one that will still make the seller money without putting off buyers.

2. Be Honest About the Home’s...