5 Advantages of Downsizing Your Home

Thinking About Moving? Why You Should Downsize Your HomeSometimes, families need a lot of space in order to live comfortably. Whether it’s due to the number of people living in the home, the amount of possessions acquired over the years, or another reason. However, as time goes on and family moves out or things are sold at garage sales, homeowners may find that their big home is just too big. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to downsize. Owning a smaller home has many advantages that many homeowners don’t consider, and here are some of the reasons homeowners opt for a smaller home over a large one when buying a new home.

1. Smaller Homes Require Less Maintenance 

Most people agree: chores aren’t fun, and they should take less time to complete. Owning a large home means that it needs more time dedicated to performing normal chores to maintain them, and if a homeowner spends more time doing chores each day, they have less time doing things they actually enjoy like hobbies or spending time with friends and loved ones. Owning a large home means a larger lawn that needs to be mowed, more floors that need to be mopped and vacuumed, more counters that need to be cleaned, and so on and so forth. Buying a smaller home can help homeowners have more free time.

2. Smaller Homes Are Greener Homes

Whether the homeowner is actively interested in reducing their carbon footprint or they just like the advantages of cheaper utility bills, smaller homes can meet both of those desires. Smaller homes require less electricity and natural gas to power them, so not only does this mean they’re more environmentally friendly, but homeowners will save money each month when paying their bills. 

3. Smaller Homes are Less Expensive

Saving money on utilities is great, but what about the other ways smaller homes are more affordable? The first difference homeowners will notice is that smaller homes are going to be much less expensive to purchase than large homes, which is appealing right off the bat. And because of this, homeowners are also going to get a smaller mortgage to pay each month, making it far more manageable and leaving homeowners with more money to spend on other things than they did while living in the large home. When adding the reduced utility costs, homeowners can save hundreds of dollars every month.

4. Smaller Homes are Easier to Sell

Homeowners need to plan ahead, and that means taking into consideration how difficult the home will be to sell in the future. Homeowners want to have a home that is appealing to as many buyers as possible, and small homes often fall into this category because they’re less expensive than large homes, and because of that, they’re more accessible to a larger variety of people. Plus, as more and more people become environmentally conscious and the giant homes of the early 2000s go out of style, small homes are going to be even more desirable. 

5. Smaller Homes Can Reduce Stress

Between the lowered mortgage and utility payments each month, the free time homeowners will get from having to dedicate less time to chores, and the extra money they’ll have to spend on other things they want and need, having a smaller home can lead to a lot of stress reduction for the homeowners. While owning a small home won’t get rid of every stressor in someone’s life, it can lead to some much needed relief.

Downsizing has a lot of advantages that can make it an excellent choice for some homeowners. However, it isn’t the right choice for everyone. When planning to buy a new home, all buyers should thoroughly weigh their options and understand both what they’re gaining and losing when downsizing to an Abasand home.

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